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Freaks Macintosh Archives --  aka FMA
FMA is the worlds largest Macintosh Hacking
and security archive on the internet offering
Mac Users a central source to download and
communicate about the underground.

Miss Turtle's Shell -- The realm of music, mp3,
hacking, information, and hotline. MT's band of the
month reviews are total bookmarks for those who
love undiscovered /and newly discovered artists. -- Nevada's Hackers
Local Las Vegas meeting for 2600, IFJ, AXD,
Blacklisted!411, THUD, NVU, and the rest of
UG groups in the 702 and surrounding areas. -- The Macintosh Security Site
offers full security reviews of every Macintosh
Security program in the world. Find the latest
security advisories, bugs, hacks, and macsec.
Learn to secure your Macintosh by utilizing the
"hacking tools" to see first hand how it effects
your computer and learn how to plug the holes.  Website -- Houses all of previous members giving them
the resources necessary to support their work. - Cellular Phone Hacks -- 
Center for discussion on Cellular phone hacking,mods,
logos, ringtones, software and more for
all sorts of cell phones like Nokia, Ericssons
AT&T, and Motorola. Get your Cell Phone Hacks here!

Drummers Forum - Drummers, Drumsets, Drum Music -- 
Forum for Drummers to discuss drumming and drum beats.
Drum kits. A community to find fellow drummers and to.
discuss everything drums, the largest community
for drummers and drum equipment worldwide. -- Orange County's ownhackers, phreakers, crackers meet up to discuss the
hot topics around the world, trade information and learn.2600, THUD, Blacklisted!411, AXD and the local scene..

Orange County California Japanese Stores -- 
Directory of Japanese markets, restaurants, and stores in
Orange County. Markets in Costa Mesa, Irvine,
Anaheim, Westminister, Fullerton and Fountain Valley all
located within Southern California's Orange County

Coffee Forums -- Discuss, Chat and Learn about
Coffee the Beans and Espresso. Drink a cup of coffee
while reading and posting about coffee.

Search Engine Books -- Resource site to learning how
search engines work and how to get your website at thetop of the search engines. Books from basics to advanced. -- The Macintosh Security
news portal for both the classic Mac OS and Apple's newMac OS X. Get the news about the latest security issues.